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Hello my love,

back in Austria.

Thank you Murat Civit so I was able to go on holiday as a dialysis patient for the first time.

The dialysis in Alanya Türkiye was great a great team!


Bine Karolyi



I would like to say thank you for a great service. My patient wants to have dialysis in Turkey. Tried on her own, she was about to stay at home. Thanks to Murat Civit and his team, she was helped quickly and easily. Also on her behalf I say thank you very much


Silvia Nilkens



Many thanks to Murat Civit for the great organization of the dialysis trip in Antalya. Martin Linek & I really enjoy the hospitality and the weather. We can only recommend the trip and the hotel to everyone. It’s perfect %


Lukas Lińek



Hello folks, I flew back yesterday from Istanbul safely. We were really lucky after an hour they closed the airport.

A big compliment to Murat Civit who was always there when I had a question ecc. The mediation of the dialysis everything worked fine.

People like that are really an asset and help.

Lovely wishes


Abramo Farinacci

16.05.2019 ·


I accepted Murat Civit‘s offer and went on vacation for the first time since I started dialysis.

I can’t find the words to describe how beautiful it is here. A huge thank you to Murat, who really organized a wonderful hotel and always has an open ear for small and large questions. Murat, you are a great person and I am very happy that I got to know you.

Another huge thank you to Dr. Selçuk Tanrıbil, who is not only there for you in dialysis, but also took the time to go on a fantastic day trip with us. It makes me very happy to meet you too, Dr Selçuk.

The dialysis is great and the team is incredibly nice. I felt very comfortable every time. On this occasion, best regards to Gül.

I’m already sad that the holiday will soon be over… and I already know: I’d love to come back

Sabrina Althans



A big thank you to our admin Murat Civit who organized our group trip with Dr.Tanribil very well.

Hotel great

Dialysis great

the trips that were breathtaking have already been reported.

An enrichment in life.

It was nice meeting you and we will definitely keep in touch.

I’ll be back

Birgit Schulz
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